I would walk 500 miles …

For a week now I have been taking time – an hour or two – to walk and train my stamina and discipline. Stamina so I would be better prepared for 7 mountain hike in Bergen 2010 (JUST found out it is going to be on 30th of May). And discipline cos I do no other training and it takes a lot from me to go out from my warm and cosy home to very cold winter.

But it is all worth it!

I made some pictures of the forest we walk. Today we also were tree-huggers 😛

I hope to keep that up until May + add 1-2 days a month where I walk, with pauses, round 20-30km a day. I will make it!

What are your challenges? Plans? What disciplines you?
Wanna join in the 7 mountain hike?

PS: You can read about my first 7 mountain hike as well.

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