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Tom Peters suggested in his book “Brand You 50” a book that one of my friends commented, that already the table of contents was so interesting that she thought it is already an inside of the book – he suggested to buy new magazines, magazines you normally do not read and find new ideas, learn new things. Obsess about it!, as he constantly wrote. So I did. And do.

In the light of aforementioned, I bought a Norwegian magazine “Ideer” (Ideas), which I find absolutely amazing. It is a magazine that combines marketing, communication, advertisment, info about new media etc. It was perfect to start the habit of buying magazines that educate me. I will share with you some of the ideas I got from there. PS: Ideer is printed in Estonia 😀.

1. Internet is my new PC – The Cloud computing. Something I already do, but now I got a word for it. Basically it means that all that you need is in the net. Documents, e-mails, whatever. Something that Google already offers with its multiple possibilities, where people can share documents, have a common blog, chat. The idea is that you do not have to buy a better and better computer all the time (the get old the minute you step out of the shop anyway) but you just have to have the internet connection. (with google I think soon you do not have to have that either – gmail is already possible offline, gcalendar also, I think)

2. Finance expert and writer Tom Kristensen investment advice when you f.eks have received some millions in you bank account: You have to make up your own mind. Don’t listen to journalists who talk about the end of the world, brokers who push you to choose things that support their analysis, etc.

3. Tea-to-go. There is a new product tea-to-go, in Black Cat tea and coffee house in Norway. The idea comes from Germany and makes it easier for tea-lovers to buy tea instead of coffee. The trick is in the cup cover that has a special teabag holder. By the way, the article said that in Norway one tea cup is drank for ten cups of coffee. They do like their coffee..

4. Some links: – A campaign about womens’ heart, sponsored by Cubus.
A coffee chain in Bergen – helps making a slideshow. – TED- ideas worth spreading – u can go to seminars, listen to speaches. Haven’t visited it yet. – an interesting idea: you need to make a campaign and you want to do it on a low budget – you post your idea and the amount of money you have for it and people who are interested will apply to make the job for you.

5. The magazine gives away one idea every time. This time it was an idea about a website for small companies in local areas. They had made the website, explained the goal, the market, product, etcetc. This could be implemented in Estonia… Anyone has an idea to give away?

The magazine is still half unread, so I’ll keep you posted. If you know any good magazines, let me know.

I did buy Cosmopolitan to try and find something useful but the only really good thing was a free sample of Moschino parfume.

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