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If you know better. Do better.

Since I started learning and working with performance coaching aka mental training with athletes, I cannot give myself some slack. It is so obvious to me where I tend to brush off some responsibility and where I tend to criticize and say “I could do better”. But then I don’t. And I am far from being the only one here (phiew).

The fact is, we like to see ourselves as experts, as proficient, as great in something whatever it is for us. We see things in the world, that we think we can do better. And we still decide to not do them better. When it is something that is not important to us, then it’s reasonable to leave it be. We need to choose our battles. But when it is in our own field of expertize, something that is important to us, something that we compete on against somebody else (like in sports), then leaving it be does not sound reasonable.

The knowledge of “being able to do better” is not enough

That will not make you better next competition, that will not show others how it is done until you do it. DOING part is a challenge. It is where your words will have a test. That is why we like to believe we can do better but then not act upon it – then we are safe with our own self image until we test it. The story and theory behind it is far more complex and related to confidence, how others have encouraged us (our talent or effort) and can be a huge process. And it can be that you are the one who will immediately test your own words out (then you probably are mastery-orientated). But if you don’t, if you are afraid that maybe, just maybe you actually are not better, then let’s talk. Performance coaching helps top achievers in any field focus on DOING while growing self esteem and self efficacy. Thus growing, step by step the skill for optimum performance. Be it public speaking, leading 100+ employees, writing a book or winning a gold medal.

So what are you doing better this week?


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