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Liisi’s Café Cup Warmers

One of my dreams is to have a café one day, right. Well, I started this summer when I got a hand drawn plate by Helen. Yesterday I got, as a Christmas present-order, new cup-warmers for cold days (or rooms) made by Mari-Liisa. By accident, she also invented a logo for the café, which is in shortened: LK (like pg in English, which goes nicely to my image of books and reading a lot) and means Liisi Kohvik (aka Liisi’s Café).

Here you can see the logo as well, on the white cup

Now I just need someone to make the logo digital and a café… Until then the café is open at my place, everyday, 24/7 only WITH pre-bookings. We offer only one but the best coffee (espresso bean, freshly ground, handmade with mocca-maker) good variety of books, from dictionaries to self-help, from Estonian to Norwegian languages. For snacks, only chocolate things are available since I don’t really have anything else than loads of chocolate and stuff to put in or out of truffles. Shame, ey?

Oh, pricing… well I have this nice box you can leave tip when leaving (I accept Euros and Norwegian crowns, along with a note to my guest-book). And The Price is high, but worth it 😉

So when are you coming?

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