Reality of a Lifetime as a Holiday

The purpose of this blog was to show (to myself) that I can live and work this lifetime as it was my holiday. Every Single Day. Sometimes I forget it. Especially on a moment when I am actually on a holiday and I have to work. But then I just need to rethink my values and goals.

So here it goes:
– I have to write an article because of my job today. But the real fact is – I have wanted to write about that topic for moths now. Now I was made an offer to do just what I thought was my expertise to do, and I am very very happy about it. It will be published in a weekly newspaper that is considered to be with a “real content”. So what I have to spend my free-day for that – it is what I am about and what I won’t to do.
– I went to play tennis this morning with the best tennis-partner ever, Tiina. While we played I thought that why couln’t we do that more often? First answer was that because of my job. But that is a big fat lie. I am just lazy. If anything, mu last weeks have shown how really lazy i can be. I like to change my activities and I do enjoy my time alone. So there is noone to blame for me not going to any trainings.

Well, now my breakfast is ready, orange juice and mocha awaits. And my chance to show the world (in this case Estonia) what I think about culture in the web.

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