Staying in Tallinn: Cafe More and JCI Annual Conference 2011

Seems like life is bringing me more and more to Tallinn. To its busy-busy- lifestyle, to meetings, events, to cafe’s, to conferences, to friends living here.My luck is that Katrin, a friend from JCI is also living here and she has been wonderful in introducing me the places to be and tastes to enjoy. One of them was Cafe More on Friday early morning. We were first ones to arrive and we were welcomed with a sweet puff of pastry-smelling air, hint of coffee and quietness.

I must say, the pastry is packed in an unusual way and unimaginably delicious. There is a possibility to get addicted. They look like a modern-day bakery-products, with a muffin-like design, but taste just like your mamma made when you were young. And the coffee there was absolutely wonderful and strong-tasted as well. I need to find out what beans they use.


They do live by their slogan “More taste than you expected”. It is another wonderful start by Angeelika Kang.

Another memorable event was going to my third JCI Annual Conference 2011. This time headlined “Travel around the world.” It got a nice start with a presentation where Nara, the barefoot man, started telling a joke standing on his head. A new perspective on things, ey?

As usual, the conference surprised with record amount of visitors, with known and attractive speakers and great parties and food.

I will definitely remember the story told by Indrek Tarand about how to cause a mess in the media :), Kristjan Port’s witty presentation about doping and how to put that into leadership and work-life, the Eurovision party that we won with our hardly trained and fantastic show. I thing the organizers really had a fun time organizing all that, because it was just seamless and this kind of level of professionalism can only come when you do things with enjoyment. And now we, JCI Tartu and JCI Toomemäe can start planning JCI AK 2012! Welcome to Tartu!

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