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Tasty Tartu 2019: Fii Restaurant

Time for another post about Tasty Tartu experience 2019. See the event and all the participating restaurants.

Enjoying the good food

Fii Restaurant has been a favorite for quite some time now. It’s unassuming location in a Supermall building was something that drew me off at first, but after my first visit and a great experience, that became unimportant fact. It is a relaxed restaurant experience with thought-through food selection and measured seasoning. Meaning, that there is something for many tastes but what’s more important the food is not overseasoned nor is it designed too much making it what eating should be: nourishing enjoyment.

Tasty Tartu: Three course menu and non-alcoholic drinks

This year non-alcoholic drinks must be the “thing” in Tasty Tartu. I don’t remember that last year or any years previously the restaurants offered special lemonade menu on top of wine-list. Which is great as we with my partner do not drink alcohol much. The lemonades chosen for Fii restaurants menu were not anything special as most are easily attainable from the stores and they really didn’t do anything for me. Besides the cola drink witch I rather enjoyed for more transparent taste than the cola normally has. As I am not regular cola drinker, this was something fresh and easy that I could consider drinking more. My partner didn’t like it as much, but he likes Coca-Cola zero, so guess that’s a reason.

Anchovy / Herb Cream / Caviar

Starter at Fii Restaurant

We were served the first course of simply said a layers of potato with anchovy. And some lovely green dressing and other tasty flavors. Though I am not particularly fond of those two nor the all-Estonians favorite Baltic herring bread, I did enjoy this and if I had a chance I’d suggest it to our upcoming Estonian National day’s festive food with a modern twist.

Glazed Pork Belly / Chili / Pineapple

Entré was a hot dog! That was something that stood out from the menu from the getgo and what we were really looking forward to tasting. How can you elevate a hot dog??? Well, you can. The bread was fresh and you didn’t notice it more than a support act. The sauce was absolutely amazing, making the bread and meat come together in a moist, succulent way and the meat was so well done it melted in your mouth. The crispy onion pieces added an extra experience making it a street food and a luxurious entre at the same time. They had black rubber gloves so you could eat with your hands as well. As with restaurant food, this didn’t look too big nor didn’t seem to have meat-only look, but even my handsome tall and hungry partner told that there was plenty of meat for him and he was completely full.

Quinces / Chocolate Soil / Cherry

After devouring the hot dog in a polite manner, we received the last course. The desert. It was a crumbled chocolate cake with a special ice-cream and some jam. I enjoyed that it was not overpoweringly sweet but rather a nice finish for the whole slow, beautiful, chilled food experience. The sour ice-cream complimented the crumbles and the touch of strawberry jam added sweet notes to finish this lovely romantic yet laid back visit.

And that’s what I really like about Fii. You go to a pretty fancy restaurant, but it is not really fancy, you feel normal, not uptight. The food is restaurant quality but you don’t have to figure out what on the plate is eatable nor do you have to lose food because it is decorated in a funny way. Part of the great-factor is it’s waitresses. We were lucky to have Raina who we have seen before (we had a craving for late night Frii-bread). She and also the other waiters were all professional, knew their food, really easy going and caring.

So this restaurant gets my 4.5 points for fantastic food, easy-going environment and excellent service. And for still, after so many visits, being what we expect them to be without fail. the -0.5 points are just to let them grow and surprise us the next time.

I highly recommend visiting Fii Restaurant, the website:

Have you visited any of the restaurants during Tasty Tartu? Which did you enjoy?

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