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The basics of personal career-planning

From last week I started attending a course called “Planning your personal career” for two reasons 1) To take time to see where I am myself
2) To get some pointers, basics, theory and to know the area of personal development and career/work more thoroughly.

So far it has given me all I expected and I look forward to the last three meetings.

Now I want to share some ideas with you.

One very important thing about your career-planning is to understand that it is everlasting, one constantly has to revise choices made, lessons learned and set goals and be ready to learn new things, look out of the box. Just like in developing a personal brand, which is pretty much the same thing at some point. Planning your career in a broader sense means planning your life(style).

Here are the main points of career-planning:
1. Change is continuous
2. Development and learning is continuous
3. Follow your HEART (I could not believe they say that in an almost academic lecture)
4. Concentrate on the journey
5. Find yourself some allies (Just like suggested by Tom Peters – the Personal Brand Gang- my wording)

Next time I will continue with the steps in career-planning.

To add to your TO DO list: Until then, think whether you have followed your heart in your employment decisions.

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