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The city of Happy People

Today, I ended up in the city that calls itself “The City of the Happy People” and it is also called the summer capital of Estonia. I must say, I have never been as fond of the place as most of the Estonians are, but my conviction was changed today. It has been one good surprise after another. To start of, I found a good internet almost everywhere we stopped, there are some very good eating places, the sand is hot, the sea water refreshing, not too many people walking around, a nice festival Augustiunetus (Sleepless in August) starts today, many tennis courts and good running paths. The only thing that makes me worry is that there are more signs “On sale” on the wonderful old houses here. Why are the happy people leaving?

Working on the wheels. Since it was my work day I checked my emails every stop (this picture is done in the parking lot of the Pärnu College). It worked out well.

We were welcomed to our hostel by this absolutely gorgeous black cat.
You can’t be in Pärnu without paying a visit to the beach. I captured a couple who just got married. Lovely!
The beach in Estonia is not that different from any other beach as far as mentality goes, I guess. Lately I’ve been wanting to go to Ibiza, but being here, I wonder – do I really need another far away place or just change my state of mind?

There are two things I always want in Pärnu: Staffanies pizza and donuts. Today I took the pizza, tomorrow at very-early, after swim, donuts are in my calendar.

Alrighty, time to go and see what the evening brings.

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