The Day I Did It The Way I Like It

I brag about how I like to live and work (basically have a holiday all the time just because all the work and play is so intertwined). And today I did it.

I started working at home and had a lot that I needed to do, done. Better than being in the office where your mind can get distracted. I enjoyed it. Very much.

But I also realized the difficult part of it: if you do it The-Way-You-Like-It then you have nothing to complain – you can’t say, that I can’t do this or consentrate or etc., etc. because you already have created an environment that YOU think (THINK!) that is requiered for your maximum work input.

Try it. It gives you a whole other perspective and you value yourself, your time and your usual point of view differently. Or not.

Or what would dr. House say?

Any case, I prefer everything in my way.

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