The Day I was Sick: work, comedy and personal branding

Today, the flu finally got me – if you’d hear my voice you wouldn’t have recognized it (I actually have said max 10 sentences today), my eyes are watery etcetc. Ill save you from the details. But I had it comin’ from Monday and I was prepared for it – I always know when and why I get sick and I know why as well.

So today I worked from home, managed to do all I needed: there is a new exhibition soon about setos and michaelmas day in Raadi manor park. You are all invited ;).

But some interesting things I found today!

* Tim Minchin – a comedian who sings 🙂 I love one of his songs especially “If I didn’t have you”, you have to listen to it yourself. Please do listen the “Inflatable you” as well. It very down to earth and funny.

* You know my special interest is personal branding? Today I saw an advertisement on TV by Max Factory where they imply that using their foundation “create an illusion, be you, be beautiful”. Hm: So, is a brand an illusion or a true you? I let you ponder about it. Let me know what you think?

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