Verchiel the Angel of Affection

Today, I was looking a book of Angels/Angel cards in a shop and just randomly chose a page. And out came a card with an Angel of Affection, Verchiel.

A bit of information I found in the web:
Verchiel presides over the sun sign of Leo, and brings the gifts of nobility and affection. Verchiel grants us a generous heart, pleasant attitude and special protection.

SAMPLE AFFIRMATION: My generous heart and ability the show affection attracts only Love and prosperity to me. SAMPLE PRAYER: Angel of Affection, help me use my generous spirit to lead me to do the right things and to influence other to do the same as well. Guide me in my desire be more pleasant and kind in my daily Life.

Verchiel, who is the Angel of July, encourages individuals to take time for leisure…to step back and observe what has been achieved…to play and replenish energy. This Angel also urges individuals to be sufficiently objective to weed-out any unhealthy or unproductive elements and offers the reminder to nurture people and things that bring personal happiness. In addition, Verchiel aids with nobility, affection and a generous heart. He is also one of the Governors of the Sun and grants powers of the intellect, language, learning and mathematics. Often referred to as the “Angel of Affection,” Verchiel is one of the Rulers of the Order of Powers and is the secondary Guardian Angel of Cancer natives born during the month of July.

On this website: I found more information about zodiacs and Angels, quite interesting I might add.

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