Last week meant two new decorational elements were added to my home. Both something I have long wanted.

Anything in relation to Norway has a meaning to me. Imagine my surprise and how happy and honored I was when Camilla and Svein brought something very old and with a history from Camillas grand-grandmother. They brought me two old glass jars. Whats so special about them? These jars are made from 1908 and as I understood, are not produced anymore. They are and were very popular, came in 6 sizes and are so functional. And they are so beautiful and with a personal history. I found a blog with some pictures and history of them.

I have been wanting to get myself orchids for years now, but never thought I am ready for them cos they are so hard to grow. Today is a special day and I made the decision to take the challenge ad bought two little orchids called phalaenopsis. You are welcome to give tips on growing them.