You all know how much I love Mills’ mayonnes from Norway, the ekte “real” mayo? The few have tried, even fiewer find it special, though :). But I love it, I eat it all the time when Im in Norway and bring it back to Estonia. The lucky ones can try it on Sunday ;).

Anyways, I thought I thank Mills for giving me the pleasure of eating this fantastic mayo, I wrote and thanked them and let them know how good it is. The answered me and also sent me a link to the corporation, that is actually behind it…

Haram-Christensen Corporation (HCC) is the result of a consolidation of two food import corporations founded by Norwegian immigrants, Severin A. Haram and Carl Christensen, with origins going back to 1919. The corporations consolidated in 1965. Haram is the name of an island in Norway.” –

So it is not really a small thing, not at all. Just hope that one day they bring it over to Estonia! Oh, and since I told them that, too, they sent me a link to the website where you can ACTUALLY buy all Norsk Mat (Norwegian Food). The website states: “For Norwegians abroad”, ain’t that grand: – prizes are quite reasonable.