Do one thing every day that scares you. Day in Fredrikstad, Norway

So what have you done today, that broadened your limits? It can be a very small thing, like baking a cake for the first time or benjijumping, or quitting your job, or, well, for me it was walking on a huge bridge in Fredrikstad.

Doesn’t sound scary? Well, try walking on a very narrow pavement when cars are storming by you and the height is very…high. But I did it, twice.

Today I put myself to test when it comes to walking and also my new shoes :). It is only 10 days now to 7-fjells-tur and I realized that I have walked around 60 km on flat ground in 9 days and I have to walk 35 km on mountains in one day (source: my step-counter). I still don’t know, how I am going to make it, but I have made it once, so shall I do it another time.

After 1,5h of walking I got to Fredrikstad, which is a nice city round 80km from Oslo. It has a sweet old town on one side and a centrum with shops, town-hall etc on another side of Glomma river (which is the longest river in Norway! 600km). Fredrikstad has round 72 000 citizens and a football-team where an Estonian Raio Piiroja is playing.

After long walking tour, I sat down to café&restaurant Cactus, which serves mainly Mexican food. Chicken soup was great, I recommend it. Spent a nice couple of hours on eating and reading.

The day was very sunny, got a bit of tan already and when I headed back, I also saw a nice rainbow.

Tomorrow I think I’ll stay in for to not over-do with walking.

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