First days – getting used to not working

Within the first days in Bergen, I have slept a lot ( I made it compulsory to sleep at least til 11), we already went to little shoppin’ tour – mainly food (yes, majones by Mills and strawberry milk 😛 my favorites).

We had decided that we will go to the 7 mountain trip unofficially with Anne-Ly, but when we were there to ask more information, we still decided to buy the pass and take the whole tour officially among other few (8000 people approx). And though I calculated that the route is 113 km, it is only (!) 35km, meaning we have to make at lest 3km in an hour to make the trip in 12 hours. Vi far se…

Today, 23nd of May we made a warm up by going to Arboretet – Greengarden in Bergen, near where I stay now with Anne-Ly. We made round 10 km in 2-3h. And finished it up with sunbathing, oh, its great!

Anyways. Time to physically and mentally prepare myself for the trip. I’ll let you know how it went!

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