Food. Hvaler. Oslo.

Yesterday, as a last
meal, we went to a Asian food restaurant Chang Chang (?) to have a Mongolian buffet – meaning we ate a loot of meat and vegetables. I think I won’t need to eat for the whole weekend. We ended the night with ice-cream with salted peanuts (yes! and it tasted good, when you added caramel sauce, it tasted like Snickers), caramel/chocolate sauce, non-stops. They have this strange chocolate sauce, that when you put it on an ice-cream, it takes the shape and crystallizes on it. Amazing :D.

We took a trip in Fredrikstad and then to Hvaler Kommune, where we took a trip to underwater tunnel and saw crazy-fantastic panoramic sights of Norwegian nature.

But today I am heading to Oslo, to see some Eurovision crazyness, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History and café’s of course.

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