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Home Sweet Home and what I learned

This vacation was really cool . . . I really felt like this ” Lifetime as a Holiday” holds true for me. There were so many personal achievements on the vacation trip to Norway, that in one way I can’t say I had a holiday, but instead I was building myself as the non-formal “ambassador” of Scandinavia.

Life gives you everything you ask. If you need to get it. In this way it brought to me a SvD journalist, whom I accidentaly met on a night out, I got a contact with BA, so hopefully this Scandinavian News Agency is really starting to get an official proportion.

I almost finished the book by Tom Peters about Brand You 50 and have taken some of his advice – bought like 3 -5 different magazines that I usually don’t read, from “Ideer” (Norwegian marketing, kommunikation magazine) to Cosmopolitan (you know what that is, don’t ya?) and I am reading them through, making notes and LEARNING from all of them at least one thing. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

On the evening of Sunday 7th of June there will be a experience sharing event at my place (most likely), so keep the night open.

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