Seriously, you want something, go after it! I have proven myself over and over again, that if I want something (that is connected to my ambitions and career and fulfillment intellectually) then I always get it.

I just got a deal with Norwegian newspaper BA to start a cooperation – they support my Scandinavian News Agency blog (morally) and if needed, I will be they’r freelance journalist in Estonia! Oh so Great!

And I also got a chance to write an article about 7-mountain hike to a travel magazine in Estonia! I’ll let you know when its done.

In top of that, I had a great time with Connie& Jan Erik& Johnny makin pizza and watchin TV (Wall E – really cute cartoon) and today with Gunnvor whom I hadn’t seen for ages. I am blessed with friends.

I tried to find Norwegian type of clothes today (Norwegian wannabe as I am) and I think I finally found something close… and I found lots more. Shoppin in Norway doesn’t make sense. It is cheaper than in Estonia with a better variety.

I got some presents to friends also, happy ’bout that.

Ok, back home to eat.