Norge: Eventyr for Livet [Norway: A fairytale for life]

It’s that time of year again that I am in Norway. Doing the “annual” things: visiting bustenelliksfamilie :), Bergen, with Connie’s grill and mountains with Anne-Ly, coffe at Boccas with Marianne.

War against terror / War for everyone

This is my relaxing place, I know many have asked like, can’t you go somewhere else, find new places? And it’s expencive and … Well, it is all worth it. I love the Norwegian people, who are straightforward, absolutely hospital and loving life.

Being a fan of Norway, we are never out of stories and comparisons of Estonia vs Norway vs European Union or immigrants or nature, cost of living and the nature of people. I am glad that Norway is not in the EU and I truly hope that they will manage to keep their nationality and values grown from the harshness of the nature (there is really little things you can grow in Norway and the oil has not always been here!). I hope that all people who come to Norway will respect the values. In Rome, do as the Romans do. Ikke sant? [isn’t that true?]

But mostly I like that I have learnet to challenge myself physically here. The Bergen Seven Mountain hike, rafting. Since I missed the hike this year (master’s and conference were too close by), I am planning to hike the seven mountains one-by-one (or two) during my stay. The weather is not too good, well, it is completely normal Bergen weather, raining, but we managed to take an hour and walk up the Stolzen stairs for 25 minutes and down in 35 minutes today. We take it as Sandviksfjellet is done. Tomorrow should be Rundemannen, Fløyen and Ulriken. My fairytale.

Gamle Bergen
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