Norwegian national dayToday, 17th of May, Norway celebrates its constitution day. The festivities of the day are beautiful, the people shine and the outfits, the Norwegian national costumes or “bunad” in Norwegian are gorgeous. Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway and is an official national holiday happening on May 17 each year. Norwegians refer to the day to simply as syttende mai (meaning May Seventeenth), Nasjonaldagen (The National Day) or Grunnlovsdagen (The Constitution Day), two first being more frequent. I have had the chance of visiting Norway on that day couple of times and the whole country just becomes a vision of the past and a big festive location with flags, processions, singing with family and friends.barnetog

Why I am talking about that? Because living in Norway was one of the main reason I got interested in hiking, walking, mountains, watersports, you name it. The country has an amazing vibe, a magnificent nature and a lifestyle where it is normal, that you spend a lot of time in the nature, with your family, friends, with yourself.

Here is four things you should experience in Norway (and that is by far only the first 4 things)

IMGP2763 At Bergen 7 mountain hike1. Visit Norway on 17th of May. I would suggest some of the smaller towns where you really feel like you are back in 1814.
2. Go for Bergen Seven Mountain Hike (7 fjells tur) every last Sunday of May.
3. Go do rafting with Voss Rafting Center – the best guides are there, they are true professionals and you can trust them with your life. And of course the nature and trip itself with a raft is just amazing there.
4. Be in Voss for Voss extreme sports week which brings together extreme sport lovers from all over the world. Lots of sports, lots of music, party and enjoying the good weather (yes!).


The Extreme sports week is just around the corner (in June) and so is Bergen Seven Mountain hike, so you can still catch a plane to see what I am talking about. Until then –



Walking lifestyle – keeping you fit, mentally and physically

Don’t forget we all need time-off from our daily lives. Walking is the easiest and accessible thing to do that. Go out for a walk, share your thoughts and inspirations with me via e-mail. My aim is to show how easy it is to find little walks, little time-off-chunks in life to keep you mentally and physically fit. Wherever you are.

Liisi Toom

walking clothes by ISCLiisi Toom is a communication executive and lifestyle coach who spent 9 months in Ibiza walking, doing walking tours and blogging about it. She has also done and blogged about walking in Estonia and Norway. She coaches people on finding their lifestyle. If you wish to find and live your lifestyle, e-mail at liisitoom (at) gmail. com or follow her Twitter @liisi.

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