On my way to Norway

One trip ends, another starts – ain’t life a roller coaster? The thing is, I haven’t had a stop for a while and I feel my nerves breaking so I have high hopes for Norway – with it’s absolutely positive mentality these days, like a Fairytale, ey?

The plan is to see my dear friends: Anne-Ly, Elari, Connie, Gunnvor, Marianne and to take part of my first 7-fjells-tur, a.k.a 7 mountain hike in Norway. Though Connie sent me an article about the weather forecast for the 25th when the hike is due, it is not gonna be dry.

I have some secret plans while I am in Norway, do cross your fingers for me, that I wouldn’t get too relaxed and waste my time away there and not fullfill those secrets!

But I am tired, tomorrow’s gonna be a tough day, so off to sleep!

A little cheerful music for you til then!

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