My spring visit to Bergen has ended. Ended with a big bang, with making yet another round of 7 mountain hike and this time with an accident to tell. The whole trip has been strange and somewhat different, can’t wait to go back.

Not the weather you prefer to go on a whole day trip in the mountains
View from mount Ulriken

The 7 mountain hike, 3rd for me, was tough this year. There were two reasons: 1st-the weather was very bad, it had rained the whole week before, so the ground was muddy (more than usual) and it rained and had a heavy wind for the first two mountains for me. I don’t remember freezing that much on my first trip, where the weather was not very good either. 2nd-I hit my knee right after the second mountain, didn’t feel the pain at first, but after fourth mountain, I kinda could not move my right knee at all. So I half limped-half “walked” with my hands, trying to lift the body wherever possible. Hell of a pain, but I managed. After being to first aid, its only laying down as much as possible and ice for my knee.

I did hope for a personal record, but it didn’t come. I stayed on pretty much the same amount of hours, so from 6am-6pm. Considering the injuries, I am happy with it.

IIIrd diploma in a row.

The hike was the last thing on this year’s Norway-trip, so having the knee swallen up, I spent Monday at home, reading, watching TV. Flight back home was terrible, with the engines havng technical problems on Oslo-Tallinn flight and a turbulence that got me scared if we ever make it on the ground. Luckly Estonia greeted us with sunshine and nice prices. Now the coming of Euro and “euro prices” does not seem so bad, at least for a day.  

The winners get a cake – my traditional chocolate cake in Norway

The visit inspired me to make some things I have always thought of, such as finalizing the Scandinavian News Agency to help fulfill my wish to bring Scandinavian countries and their life nearer to the rest of the world. I also had a chance to show my friend the place I have been talking so much about and made a believer of Mill’s majones, 7 mountain hike and Norway of her.

Missing Norway.