Pictures of the first days in Norway

It has been four days of my holiday in Norway, in Fredrikstad at the moment. My mind is almost slappet av /relaxed/, reading Fredrikstad blad every morning to get the grips of what is happening here (very good articles of russ, 17 Mai, coffe :). Camilla and Svein Ivar have been just the best hosts ever! We have already been to Sweden (IKEA Sunday!) and I have seen (finally!) the old viking graves and runes on stones. Real history-shock. Nice. And finished one book in Norwegian, the Gossip girl :D. Lett lesning. For hjernet.

Here you can see the pictures of the first days:

Tomorrow is the Day –17 May, the nasjonal day of Norway, one of the main reasons for my trip at this time.
This is what I will sing tomorrow

Vi snakkes snart, venner!

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