Videos from Bergen

It is the last day before 7 mountain hike. Yesterday we made a small test on the first mountain and I must say, it is going to be tough with all the mud this year. It has been constantly raining for the last week, with the exception of yesterday. Today is again raining and I am staying in, taking care of my feet, putting a lot of moisturizers :). Unfortunately I made some bruises on my feet when hitting a boxing bag last weekend, so I have to find a solution not to have my shoes hurting the bruisers even more.

Anyhow, resting, eating eggs and drinking milk, watching Buffy and blogging today. Uploaded some videos I made last days, enjoy!

Round tour in the almost sentre of Bergen. These are the mountains I will cross 😉

And a young Norwegian girl singing Halleluja by Leonard Cohen. Just amazing

And a video of a night out in Sjöboden, Bryggen.

And a picture of a traditional pizza making at Anne-Ly’s

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