Lately I had to change my mobile phone and since my phone card broke along with all the contacts and groups. Now I have made new groups and since our fancy world has made an option to put different ring-tones for different groups-people so I have used them and I realized that I chose a specific song for specific group. Well, it is pretty much the same thing as you can do in Twitter to choose lists, Facebook to define who belongs to what group etc. Whose letter you read first etc. Personal Branding in Groups 😀

So what do the songs tell about the groups? You can be the judge of it 😀

1. Friends – Snoop Dogg “Lodi lodi”
2. Family – Pet Shop Boys “Home and Dry”
3. Work – Nickleback “Rockstar” (With Italian subtitles :P)
4. JCI (since there are so many from there :)) – Pet Shop Boys “Flamboyant”

Some friends used to have their own songs but haven’t got the time to do that yet. So what are your groups and ring-tones?

PS: While doing this blog I realized how difficult it is to find a good video in youtube…man it was difficult. Do not like…