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Let’s write a thesis!

I have to be honest, I should have finished my Master’s a long time ago and be heading for PhD by now. But better late then never. Thanks to the professor helping me do all this, we decided on writing a personal branding manual for people who have chosen a PR specialists’ career (after having something else before).

I have done all my lectures and found a professor to help me do the thesis and now it is time to write it. About what? Personal branding (that figures, right?). When I went through my materials, I found that over the years I have gathered loads of books, blogposts, articles and different kind of materials about personal branding. Form something like “10 ways to boost your brand” blogposts to pictures of known Estonian branded people. Rather interesting, I should make a library out of it. . . that would be cool. Ok, so when I get a cool appartement in the city centre, I will have a library room for all interested in some personal branding support group :D.

I have some weeks to see how I make it. I took a pic of what will be my first material. I need to get some books I’ve borrowed back, like Tom Peters “Brand You 50” (love the book).

So wish me luck. Wish me good ideas and discipline. And if you find some material that would help write a personal branding manual for PR specialists, then let me know!

Let’s write a thesis!

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