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Marketing problems of personal brands and how to solve them (video!)

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Marketing problems in personal branding and how to solve them by Liisi Toom

Personal branding includes marketing your skills

Though the basis of influence is the skillset or knowledg a person has, influencer does need visibility. Sometimes you only need few people to know who you are and what you can do for them, sometimes the visibility needs to be wider, as it is often for social media influencers. While young social media influencers are great at marketing and personal branding, true influencers, experts on their field, often are not. Thus, they turn to me for help. There are few important and common questions people who have no marketing background ask. I made a short LIVE in Youtube to cover those questions and gave the solutions as well. Here is the video, have a look and let me know, what you think. Do you have those questions, did you put the solutions to use? Any other questions you have?

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Youtube LIVE with Liisi Toom: Creating your personal brand by avoiding these three marketing mistakes

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