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My strengths and scratch elevator pitch

I guess it is no news I’m in the organizing team of the first Estonian Personal Branding conference. Harald Lepisk, a lively and memorable inspirational trainer gave us an assignment for new years and I promised to make it. So take my lead and do the same! You will find the original post on the BC blog:

• What did you like to do when you were a child?
– to boss around people, dance, study and teach, read crime stories and fairy tales, learn languages, started easily a conversation no matter in what language, to talk, settle arguments and start arguments – in arguments lays the truth ;). Wanted to become a lawyer, a doctor. Never a teacher. (Never say never…)

• What have you been acknowledged for before? For what have you been acknowledged several times?
– language skills and ability to learn them fast, being “active”, leadership skills, ability to convince others and make them love it, diplomacy.

• In what activities do you feel like you are in a condition where you lose your perception of time, all the focus is on the activity, you are completely concentrated?
– rarely the case with me, but: on making presentations or explaining my views on things, writing articles and talking about personal branding, communication, museums in the web, traveling to Norway/Norway general, training, discovering the web and social media.

• What was the best day at work within the past 3 months? What did you do and what did you really enjoy?
– actually it was today. I was composing a brochure for the Estonian National Museum with my colleague. It took the whole day, but I enjoyed the concentratin with the help of a fantastic colleague. So: teamwork, an important thing on the making, right to decide and make it as you see fit. Another day I remember was the 4th of December when the museum celebrated the finnishing of the anniversary with a big fire sculptures – I was on the phone with the journalists, deciding where the President will stand, talking with the rappars that were singing for us: a lot of organizing but I was on the roll, people! 🙂

Scrap of the elevator pitch (modified a bit):
I am Liisi Toom, I am a personal branding evangelist in Estonia and a PR officer with a motivated and fresh view on everything I decide to start (and finish). My dream is to be working and living in Norway, Estonia and Spain simultaneously. I am happily ready to help propagate personal branding topics and Norwegian culture and history.

That is my first try 🙂

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