My art: Coffee and cafés

I have been making pictures of coffee-cups and cafés for some time now, but now I have a new good camera, learning to be a wannabe-photographer and also critic of cafés. So here is the first one from the new age.

These pictures are made in café Werner in Tartu, Estonia on 1oth of April 2010. I wen there round 8-9 in the morning, the waitress greeted me before the door shut behind me. I was pretty much the only one, but in 5 minutes, the place was full.

I like the place for its peacfulness, good latte and internet connection. What they have changed now that I don’t like is the sugar. Yes. Sugar. You have to take sugar from the bowl on the cashier desk. And there is only white sugar. I guess it is because of the economic situation again or green-thinking. Either way, I would love if they put the brown sugar back there, even if it is in a bowl. I still have the little sugar-packages at home, that I have taken from the café Werner.

On the picture: latte, art (heart shape on the foam) ruined by the weight of the sugar. They also give a small tasty pastry. Latte tastes 25 crowns and is one of the best in Tartu, the regular coffee is the best in Tartu, strong.

Also try the 3 chocolate cake there. And visit the restaurant upstairs.

1-bad 5-perfect
Service: 4/5 – on schooldays they do not manage to give service quick enough, other then that, great! Especially the people upstairs on the restourant area.
Taste of latte: 4/5 mild, good foam, since I don’t like white sugar, the coffee tastes different for me
Price: 4/5

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