Photo-course in Vodka Brewery by Remo Savisaar

Today was another photo course, this time with Remo Savisaar who is known for nature photography. It was held in the old vodka brewery in Mooste. The chandelier was made in the right mood :). See what it is made of?

Up: Remo showing his gear. He mention that it is not only the gear and gadgets that make a good phtographer, but the way you see the world and “picture”. But you need good machinery to sell the pictures 😉

This is what I saw in one of the snow formations in taevaskoja. A Face. I think it is cool.

Remo suggested to play with aperture and to use more light to get the flowing water look like silk. It worked to some extent with my case.

The place was renovated fantastically, I loved the interior design especially one of the bathrooms. If you are travelling in Estonia, this Estonian Fototurism Centre is a nice place to visit.

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