Sunny beach, churros, cafe con leche, tapas, tortilla, vino tinto….Liisi becomes a flamenco dancer

Second day in Marbella&Malaga. Seems like it has become a culinary adventure, realizing that everything is not what I thought it was. Starting from tortillas (Spanish omelette, not really a wrap kind of thing I thought) &tapas (don’t really know what I thought, but it is a small snack, which actually can be a meatbolls, chilli con carne, chicken…whatever it is, it comes in a small portion).

Fig fruit from the streets. Tasts sweet.

 My first day started with taking Ingrid’s daughter to kindergarten, then we went to take a cafe con leche ( yeah, a coffee with milk) and some niche churros (aka pontšik aka doughnut), quick walk around the old town of Marbella, the park with turtles walking around and then the time was up and we went home. The rest of the day was spent with children’s’ books in Spanish and sunbathing. At night we went out by the see to have some coffee and tapas, which I skipped since the look and sound of it wasn’t that interesting.

Trying to catch some strange berries on the palm tree. Two pink girls
In my element.

Today, it was some kind of a holiday, so we planned to go for a Paloma park in Torremolinos. It is a nice park where loads of animals walk free, like rabbits, chicken, peacocks and we even saw a guinea pig. I think we spent a whole first half of the day there just walking around and enjoying the naturaleza.  At some point we got to the flee market where locals were selling their old stuff, from books&clothes to  lamps and cords and what not. Of course there were places where turists could buy jewelry and other colorful stuff. Ingrid was looking for a flamenco-dress-like dress for her daughter and we noticed a kiosk that was about to be closed. The minute I laid eyes on a black – pink- dotted dress, I was taken. The lady noticed I looked it, offered me to try it out and it fitted me perfectly. I became a kind of an attraction, all of the near by sellers started looking and telling it looked great (well, this time I believed them). So what is a girl to do??? Sure I bought it. I have no idea where I am going to go with it and the dress is so big that I am not sure how I fit it to a non-existent bag on a Ryanair flight. I probably have to wear it during the passing of the gates. Well, either way, I need to start thinking about the ways to use the dress to the fullest in Estonia. Any suggestions?

After all the dress-buying thing, I was a bit taken aback, not quite believing what I just did. So it was nice to go to a Sunny Beach, yes, that was the name and we got what the name promised. Took a dip in the water, couldn’t keep away from work-emails for a second. The time went past quickly, got a bit depressed about Spanish language when reading My First Dictionary – for kids and not understanding the written descriptions. Oh well, still have time and I have my “La mala hora” by Marquez in Spanish, that might cheer me up about children’s books.

My first tapas. pollo con champinjones y quesa frito

After beach, another tapas time. This time we went to a small place somewhere in Fungeriola, it was a random place we picked by the amount of locals seen around and the shabbiness of the place. See, if it is too fancy its for turists and if a local doesn’t want to eat there, why should we? It ended up being a good choice, the food and vine was nice and cheap and the atmosphere Spanishy :). We took our time and realized – one actually does not need to eat more than a plate of tapas to have his/her stomach full. We even had an idea to start our own business in Estonia with this, probably won’t get too far with that, but who knows.

Another day at its end. PS: I did manage to ask for the dress, the cost and everything in Spanish, but my French (which I can’t), is starting to come between, so instead of por favor, I say s’il vous plait. Working on it. Anyways, it is a good practice before I get back to my Spanish studies. Nighty-night!

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