International&Inspirational&Influencial talks by Liisi Toom

If you need an inspiring, practical and mind altering speech or training course that helps your participants, employees of board of directors and investors look at their lives in a new way, I would love to be part of it.

Two main topics I cover:

Influencers and personal branding

  • Who are influencers and where does the power comes from?
  • Digital vs regular influencers? What’s the difference?
  • Trust and Reputation.
  • How to be authentically present? Personal branding for true visionaries.
  • Self marketing for positive world change.
  • Personal branding for balanced work life and opening your potential.

    Digital Influencers, speech at Digital Communication Forum, Bucharest, 2018


More specific topics as needed, speaking engagements last from 10 minute key-notes to 3-day training courses.

Mental power, performance and balanced life

  • How to train yourself for better performance?
  • Goals for balance.
  • Finding balance in your life.
  • Burnout and solutions.

Balanced lifestyle in an active career, SHE Leader conference, Sofia, 2018

From personal stories to corporate case studies. From sports psychology to practical goal setting to find your perfect lifestyle.

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