This is what I call a single-girls weekend-out.

We started with Mari&Tiina with the girls night talking about life and times we’ve had, since Tiina has been away for so long. It was nice to be with the two of them – people with whom I can let my sarcasm flow :P. And at the same time I don’t need to do that 🙂
We continued with Mari at clubTallinn – Estonian party, where there was a performer from the past – from my childhood: Monofans ( I actually don’t know even how their name is written). The band lead was bad, boring and ordinary. BUT the minute the dancers (two huys) started dancing – things were not the same, we were cheering like two teenagers. And stayed like that til the band finnished. Lovely. LoVelY. I would like to dance with those guys.

The next day I woke up so late (2pm!) but managed to see my brother and his family in town. Ingeli is just adorable, she is just… Luckily I could borrow a car from my mom and go to visit my brother 25km form Tartu – it was a nice and relaxed evening in the countryside with my family. It gives life a new perspective.

Sunday was planned as a culturally and physically sportive. Together with Kaia and her son Rannar we went to take part of the excursion in Raadi manor park and we continued on the Jänese path (a Rabbits bath) – less than 10km walk. I think thats where I got my flu, though I wore voluntarily a hat! Jei! But it was nice training, I was dead tired and very happy in the end. Some pictures:

They have cut the way to the end of the path. This is illegal, by the way. The scratching picture reminded me of the exhibition about pencils – some still use knives etc to leave marks of themselves.