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Meeting the folks and The Sunday

Finding out about your roots is getting popular by the minute. Within the last years I have got to know my relatives in Lithuania (my mother’s mother side) and now, yesterday, my relatives from my mother’s father side. It is always such astrange and eye-opening. From the fact that there are more people in your REAL social network and meeting with them shows that there are people who are like you.

We started writing down the family tree – lots of phoning and trying to put down all the names and birthdays. It is a lot of new dear people … It is a way to find who you are through seeing who your relatives are.

Tday I have been trying to find my freshly found network in Facebook :).

Today was great since I broke the 3-time-curse when it comes to trainings, I had my fourth tennis training so there is hope. Next is on Wednesday and hopefully on Sunday again. I need to buy a fixation thingy for my right wrist, because either I am so bad in my technique, too heavy racket or I am not just used to playing that much.

After tennis I had a nice relaxing swim in Saadj√§rv. Saw very brave ducklings there ūüôā And after I served espresso in my very personal caf√© :D:D:D
A fun video of the legend of Saadj√§rv (in Estonian) – The lake got its location because an ox (the lake stayed sleeping in the place it is right now, and when in the morning people called while he was about to leave “Look, Saadj√§rv is leaving”, the ox thought “Well, I have a name, I might as well stay here”.

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