Left: new, Right: my old and first tennis raquet

It was years ago, maybe 2007-2008 when I finally bought my first tennis racquet, a pretty cheap (500 kroons) Rucanor racquet. I did that to first see if I start playing. I did. Got a trainer for a while and found a partner to play with, although it took another two years to get that far. I guess I played enough to finally break my old racquet. SInce it really was not that good of a racquet I went to see new, real ones.

I remember that when I finally bought a real clothing for karate – the ki, my moves and kicks went better, more concealed. So I guess I hoped the racquet would have the same effect + would be less hurtful to hands.

I found my racquet not easily, it took a lot of testing and holding and swinging. But finally I found it, the Serena Williams Wilson BLX Blade Team. It just felt right, a bit heavy but with easy maneuvering. I find my racquet! Yeah! You see the heart on the strings? This is in honor of Estonian tennis player Kaia Kanepi who used it on her matches at the time I bought the racquet. She is awesome!

Time to play! And you should try tennis as well, if you haven’t yet!