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What is E.S.T.O.N.I.A? A country? A Vision? Estonia!

It was not long ago that my dear friend Patrick came to visit me along with a French friend. Guests from abroad always make me think – what is it that one should show and introduce to people who don’t know your country?

Some of the (Facebook) friend’s suggestions:

I, as mentioned, decided to show some nature – Taevaskoja, which was a good exercise as well as a nice change for a city visits. We found mushrooms so we even got food on our table. The fact that Vincent, a person who was on his first visit abroad, was so thrilled of picking mushrooms and all he saw and always wanted to do something useful made me think that Estonia could offer an extreme turism – we invite people here (from NY for example) to do hard work like gathering wood, cleaning the forest, etc., etc. They would love it! With no irony!

But Estonia for me: Estonian National Museum for culture, nice cafeterias for leisure, nature (forest and rivers/lakes) for relaxing, friends for everything.

It was a wonderful feeling to host friends, I suggest that to anyone, because the best way to learn about a culture is actually the everyday things you do – meeting friends, going shopping, renovating your house :), picking mushrooms, playing guitar. Right?

On the picture->: Eating freshly smoked fish.

So what do you offer to your friends abroud? What really is Estonia?
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