Morning workout to kick-start a day and keep fit&happy

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Healthier lifestyle habits: legendary morning workout

This is how I start some of my days :)
This is how I start some of my days 🙂

It’s been years I have tried to have a regular morning workout. I think this is one of the legendary ways of successful and happy people. I’ve put something together myself, read books but I have not been successful in continuing with the routine. This year I have gone through a bit of a lifestyle change and big part of it is about being more focused on keeping myself healthy and fit. That’s where the idea for #challenge100km came from. The morning workout is something that most fit people say is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Now, I have included a morning workout routine in my day as well and I want to share the video along with introduction of an app that gets people more fit.

Kick-start a day with an endorphin-releasing workout

A friend of mine, Taavi Sumberg is the mastermind behind a set of fitness apps that, as the name says, helps you get fit. Him and his business partner, personal trainer and Bikini Fitness Competitor Egle Eller-Nabi have created several apps. I noticed a morning workout video that is a freeby from the “Fat Burner and Weight Loss with Bodyweight Exercises” video and decided to give it a go:

By now I have done the routine for 2 weeks 3 times a week, 3 mornings. I have changed some of the exercises that fit more with my interest and need, and ability. Honestly, I can’t do so many push-ups 😐 even though my tennis hand should be quite ok …

When I first did the exercises following the video I had many questions. I am not a personal trainer and wanted to be sure I am doing things right. So, I asked Egle, the creator of the routines and model in the video to help me out. Here’s what she said:

strong runner app Egle
Egle Eller-Nabi, creator of the routines and model for fitness app

Morning workout is suitable for everyone who wants to start day healthy way on a right track. There are number of advantages to train in the morning. First, if you start your day with training you’ll avoid the situation when during your busy schedule you discover that you have any time to exercise or you just feel too tired later on. Other important reason is that morning training starts you metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours. So your metabolism is increased and you burn more calories. Morning workouts give you energy for the day. Training will release endorphin’s to give you energy boost that last during day.

Walking lifestyle: If I would do these exercises maybe 2-3 times a week. What should I expect – is it just to keep me fit, to wake-up in the morning in an active way or how would you suggest I’d use it if I am a regular person interested in fit and active life?

Adding morning workout in your day will certainly help you to stay fit and since you raise your metabolism helps you to loose some weight.

Walking lifestyle: The exercises are all in a row – is it intentional or should I take breaks (pause the video).

We would advise you to make all the exercises in a row. But of course you are free to make pauses whenever needed. Also if you feel like you’d like to make your workout longer, just repeat the workout or add some of your favorite exercises.

Walking lifestyle: Can I change the order of the exercises, are the exercises put together to work on all the necessary areas?

Of course you can change the order of exercises. Workout will cover all main body-parts, but you are always welcome to add some extra exercises.

Some personal tips on using this video or any morning workout

yoga mat* have a good mattress that does not move under you and is soft (yet hard) enough. Otherwise it is very difficult to keep fixed while doing the exercises.

* the exercises are quite demanding the first times, so take your time, enjoy the effort and keep doing it! I have added some abs-exercises because of my personal interest, but I still use the video to count time and be the “inspiration” to regularly do the workout.walking trousers, walking pants, hiking pants, hiking tights

* have good clothes. I use ISC-tights, which are similar to what the girl in the video uses and they are very comfortable. Though I have no idea how the girl in the video can wear that jacket, it gets hot! If you need the sporting clothes, have a look here.

Thank you Taavi and Egle and “Fat Burner and Weight Loss with Bodyweight Exercises” video. If you are interested in good bikini abs, you might want to get this Bikini ABS app and a Get Fit Fast app that Taavi and Egle have done.

Here are some ideas for good workout routes in Ibiza

* S’Estanyol walk in Ibiza
* Cap des Falco long walk in Ibiza
* St Vicente walk in Ibiza

* And get your electrolytes after the training.


Walking lifestyle – keeping you fit, mentally and physically

I know what it feels like to over-work and forget all your hobbies and physical training. That broke me and I have decided to never let that happen again. Since I am a communication executive, I use this to empower other people through this blog, to join me in an active lifestyle. Don’t forget we all need time-off from our daily lives. Walking is the easiest and accessible thing to do that. Go out for a walk, share your thoughts and inspirations with me via e-mail. My aim is to show how easy it is to find little walks, little time-off-chunks in life to keep you mentally and physically fit. Wherever you are.

Have questions?

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When in Ibiza, be sure to enjoy at least one walking route, it is worth it!

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