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Training for the next level in shotokan karate


Last few months I have been back on karate – a training I loved ten years ago and now am back with the goal to do get to a new level. And to keep my life balanced with work and training in general. As I am training for next belt – exam this weekend – I feel how being more focused, more intensive takes a toll on my body. And I am no professional, even not a hobby-sportsman. Nevertheless, I know better then not to support training with recovery – both physically doing nothing and shakes and smoothies.

Recovery&nutritious shakes and smoothies

As my training level is low (twice a week gym, twice a week karate, + walking approx 5-10km every other day), I have decided that I will do a special smoothie on the days that I workout. The basic ingredients for my smoothie:

recovery smoothie
– 1 banana
– ca 250 gr milk&water (sometimes juice that I might have, apple, for example)
– handful of almonds
– 3-4 dates for sweetness
– handful of oats
– protein powder – depends on the powder and your needs

– -> blend everything in a blender than can handle almonds. You will get a nice smooth drink. I divided it into two, one for evening, right after training and one for the next morning.

Additionally I might have some jam (blueberry, apple) in, or oranges, kiwis, avocados or other fruits&veggies I might have at home. I also might change milk for coconut milk.


If you are seriously doing a workout, consider this electrolytes drink.


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