Rules of training by old masseuse

I met an old man at the gym today. He was there with his grandson who was a very lively little kid. I was on the “bike” and he started chatting, giving some advice about how to train, lose weight and said his opinion about worlds’ biggest problems today. He had been a masseuse of sportsman whole his life, thus I guess his words have some value.  Let me round them up for you (and me): 

* Worlds’ biggest problem is hunger on one side and over eating on the other side – there are just as many persons in hunger as there is obese people. 
* You should always eat what you want – pushing yourself not to eat makes your brain ask for the thing you try not to eat. (I went and bought some doughnuts after that :)) 
* When you train and want to lose weight, what you want to reach is a lack of oxygen for a moment – in that way you don’t feel hungry after training. His suggestion: 
  – 30 minutes of warm up
  – run 200m as fast as you can to be out of breath
  – take 5 minutes to relax – after that run 6x60m as fast as you can, having short breaks to catch your breath 
 * Walking can be better than running, if you run with little power. What you want to do is do kind of a power-walk, moving your body all the time, like pushing yourself off the ground. 
 * Eat porridge every morning – not the quick ones that you just add water and keep it under lid for a minute, but the ones you have to take time to make.  Never re-heat the porridge, it has to be fresh.
 * Have 10-second-breaks when working with computer. On these ten seconds stretch your chest and back by moving shoulders back and forth. 

 I think these are valuable tips by an old sportsmans’ masseuse. I will try to follow some of them at least.

It is good to be back on training, I even found out that they hava shotokan karate and kata specific trainings in the same building. Might get my dream of competing in a kata competition one day.

For healthier living!

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