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I work with a mission.

I am still so psyched up about yesterday. It’s Friday and it was a long intensive day, but as I reflect on what happened, what I did and how I got here, I feel energy flowing and this need to do. So I write.

So what happened? Just a regular communication basics training course for 15 NGO female leaders. It was 5 hours of intense information packed, testing and dialogue with people who are on a mission. On a mission to liven their small local village, to get more goats cheese to more consumers, to promote cooperation between organisations around the world, to get young people active and support them in this crazy world. They are all world class leaders, experts and amazing people.

Work can be more than just a paycheck (and gives you proper paycheck).

My background, even before I studied and started working professionally in PR and personal branding is working in and with NGOs and public sector. I am a sucker for mission-driven work, to make this world a better place and do things according to my values. I’ve never chosen a job for its pay or status rather doing things for the value of the content and where I could use my skills for the maximum effect. I do think pay is important but the thing is, once you know your value, pay follows. Be it literally salary or the results.

But this is what NGOs usually know in their hearts (they wouldn’t do it otherwise) but do not see.

The value of their own work.

And the value that communication can give in both results, awareness and freedom to stick to your own guns.
So when yesterday, after a full day of almost what came out to be a inspirational-practical reputation management lecture, when these women told me that now they see, that what they do IS VALUABLE to more then themselves and that there is a real need for them to share their information, it was priceless.
Also, the knowledge they got about how really strategizing and sticking to your most important goals can actually help you get more done with less effort was my second aim of the training course. It will be great to see how they will implement the to-do list they wrote down for themselves.

And that result sparkled my eyes and heart. I am a believer of communication work as the key to results, reputation management as a tool for balanced life along with personal branding that helps you choose your rules and lifestyle you want. In total, doing your work with a mission. Because we all want it. Even when we are out for money, which is often necessary to focus on, it is always with the need to be able to live your life the way you want and bring about positive change.

Value is there: you just have to communicate it

So let me give you a task. Write down 10 headlines to write a blog, an article or to pitch to a journalist, podcaster or anyone. Write town a full headline or just few keywords. Write it down, even if it feel silly, been-there-done-that, when your mind starts talking and you hear something like : I have talked about it! Nobody cares! Everybody knows about this already! WRITE. IT. DOWN.

Take the list to your colleague, friend or your target group. Ask them to give feedback and suggest you what else they would like to hear on the same lines (your topic).

I guarantee you will be surprised how positively they will agree that these topics are needed and there is not enough information about it.

Start talking!

Your second task is to choose one headline and write the article and publish it or send it as a pitch. And I want to see it as well! Send it to me as well! (liisitoom(at) Do it. Just do it. Put blinders and just write the thing. It will be needed!

Bit by bit we make the change. If your work is highly valuable and meaningful it is shameful to stop yourself by thinking there is lack of interest. You yourself can create that interest with showing what can be possible and why your mission is important. Step by step, with focus and communication you will see that you will have more followers, more supporters and more time to focus on your own important work and communication, PR and branding will design themselves thanks to your hard work!

Let me know how it goes and send a note so I know you are out there to support my mission ;).

Take care,
Liisi Toom
PR & personal branding coach
Need someone to inspire your team or audience to work with a mission or to live a fuller life?

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