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City-week in Lyon, France

One by one, I am discovering the cities and villages and mountains of France. Summer 2015 was to explore Provence, in December 2015 I did a quick trip to Lyon, Rhone-Alpes to see a new place, have vacation and welcome the new year.

This is my walk to town on my first night in Lyon – no time to waste, straight to the two rivers and the centre of the city between them.

Paul Bocuse is a name widely known chef. I went to visit the Hall aka a market with all the meats, fish, cheeses and other delicious things: Les Halles de Lyon.



My firs day in Lyon was about beauty – I visited The Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon. Lets be honest, its been a while since I have enjoyed a museum, but I stayed there for quite a while and enjoyed the paintings, sculptures and stories.


Say NO to plastic bags! Advertisement in France.



Went to Starbucks. I saw the new Christmas design cups and got to know how my name is spelled in French.IMAG1097


No trip to France is without a croissant. At least one a day. I found pretty good ones but not as good as the ONE in Provance.IMAG1098


I lived in a quiet neighbourhood ca 10 minutes from train station and these lovely trees were on my way there.IMGP0253


I think this is just such a great view. Early morning, heading to town, the greenest grass and the railways … a green path to … wherever.IMGP0255


Sunday market by the Rhone river.IMGP0257


Rhone. Lyon has two rivers Soane and Rhone passing it. Oh how I wish I could kayak there. Luckily there are some competitions so I might make a trip for that one day..
IMGP0263 IMGP0264 IMGP0267


Lyon city centre between the two rivers. That is where I spent most of my time, lots of cafés, shops and people. Very lively.IMGP0268


I was a turist and took a ride on this thing, got some nice views to Lyon.IMGP0270 IMGP0287 IMGP0292 IMGP0294


This is one of my favorite places in Lyon now. Well, this is THE ONLY statue that I actually remember and love from all of my trips in the past. Very powerful, this is on the place next to the Fine Arts Museum.IMGP0306


Inside Fine Arts Museum. I love this shot.IMGP0337


On one day, unfortunately a rainy day, I went to one of the great city quartals called Fourviere. Its an old city district with a church and a view and a roman ruins you see below.

IMGP0372 IMGP0397 IMGP0404


Frog legs! Finally I have tried them at Halles de Lyon – the Bocuse place. They were good, but tasted like chicken with a texture of a shrimp. But it was good and I can cross this off my list of to-do and another “French” thing I have tried.IMGP0573


Hiking! Of course I had to go hiking, since I was very close to mountains and especially to Alps. Due to weather and many other things I did not go to where I wanted to go, but I am very happy with my selection: Natural Park of Vercors, Col Vert (1766).mäetipp

I was also welcoming my new year in Lyon. In a random bar in the center with people from couchsurfing community. And some people whose table we hijacked.



A wonderful art on “My Street” where I lived in LyonIMGP0251


And that’s pretty much it. Lovely time, lots of good food that I will talk about, another new hiking route at Vercors, another experience of France. Met some really nice locals and heard interest things about French life now. Hope to go back to some new place in France. And maybe be better at French by that time.

Feel free to see and read about my travels to France.




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