Vacation in France #6 Cannes – the closest I got to Angelina Jolie

So it is week 3 on my trip to France. As it is been mostly small villages, walking and taking time off, it was now about time to get to feel a bit more city life. First I found my favorite clothing store, pretty much the only label I love (Morgan) in Toulon and then I decided to take it to Cannes. Cannes was not at all in my plans, but when I got here and saw the map and timeplans in the train station – gosh, Cannes (as well as Monaco and Nice) are so close here! It would be a shame not to visit at least one place. So I did.

Cannes, city of luxury and celebrities

Coming from Neoules, I do feel like a village-girl going to Big City. I wanted to have a day where I’d relax, do as little as possible but enjoy and take pleasure from each thing I do. As I am usually running through hiking routes, training shoes on. So I made up a #dresshike – a walking in a dress in slow pace because you cant be very quick in a dress. I like the concept.

So Cannes. Took the train from Toulon to Cannes, got there before the heat and massive crowds of people.


Already at the train I saw those beautiful mountains – have to come back for a regular hike. The mountains here seem different and very inviting.


I headed straight to the Tourism Info, which was pretty directly from the train station, through still slow, quiet streets. First cafes and shops were being opened.


The Tourist Information is in the building where the famous Cannes Film Festival is held. And of course I took the picture of the red carpet. Later, passing the place, you could see crowds of people taking pictures there.


The information person gave me a map and very swiftly indicated where I should go and what I should do: basically

1. Top of the hill there is a Church and a good view to the city.
2. Market
3. Shopping street
4. Street with 5 star hotels.

That was her suggestion. I did some changes as I had learnt that there are two small islands just near by and I wanted to have a small breakfast as well.


On my way to the top of the hill




The view from the hill




Pretty well signed city. But there are lots of visitors so it is only normal.


The Forville Market

Bought few fruits for my trip to the St Honorat island. I wish they would have that huge fruit markets in Estonia, I would live on it. That is one of the biggest thing I miss from Spain and France.


My Le petit déjeuner at La Brasserie du Marche

The emotion of coming to France was from ten years ago where I had a small breakfast aka Le petit déjeuner in the cobble streets of Hyere. I still remember the feeling of sun, the taste of coffee and freshness of the oranges. What a pleasure! I chose a brasserie next to the market to have my breakfast in Cannes. The orange juice was amazing, and so was the croissant. I am cray after croissants and to my disappointment, the croissants are not always good even in France. But this one was so good that I ate it small pieces at the time and savored each taste. Good start for the day.


The Croissant


On I went to the famous shopping street. Not the luxury labels but a street with local delicatesses and tourist stuff. I really liked this poster that states that Cannes is a city of elegant sports. Fits well with my dress hiking. They meant elegant sport=golf, but I think walking in a dress can be very elegant as well.


The Meynadier pedestrian / shopping street




My meeting with mrs Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of my favorite actresses. She is amazing in so many ways. Her beauty, her life struggles and how she has come out of them, her kick-ass characters and her work in making the world a better place. So it was my honor to get as close as I will probably ever get to her –  touching her hand print in Cannes at the movie stars alley.


Marina, boats, beach is a must in Cannes


Liked the message of that particular yacht


Visit to Saint-Honorat

As I said, boats are a must in Cannes, so though I do not have a yacht myself nor did I know anyone who does have it, I had to settle with a tourist boat. No matter, The sea and view is still the same.

The island of Saint-Honorat is next to a bigger island of Sainte-Marguarite. I decided for Honorat because it was further and it was small enough to make the walk around the island. Which I did. This particular picture is close to my lunch and sunbathing place, an excluded area, cliffs going further in the sea and since it requires a bit of  climbing, not many, well, no people were there. More on the walk in a later post.


I had 2 hours on the island. Coming back was just as rough with people getting salty water all over them as the boat jumped on the waves. This boat that was crossing the waves as our boat was leaving, looked like it is going to sink. I hope it didn’t.


The island of Saint-Honorat.


And that was pretty much the end of my day in Cannes. As I am not big in sunbathing and swimming in the sea, it was just enough time for me. After the island I went and did my first tourist shopping – a Cannes beach-blanket and a mug from my graphic designer/anthropologist and maybe future life documentary maker with my company.

Now back to Neoules and I only have good memories of my trip to Cannes. I need to work now to be able to come back :).

A bientot!

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