For doing sport, Ibiza is a place to be

If you are looking for a time off to build your stamina, train specific muscles or reaction or just are interested in active holiday, choosing doing sport in Ibiza might be just for you.

Choose your sport Ibiza has to offer
Choose your sport Ibiza has to offer

Sport Ibiza style

Warm weather, mountainous terrain, good facilities are only few reasons doing sport in Ibiza is attractive for many professional athletes but also for active holiday seekers.

What type of sport Ibiza offers?

Paddling is one of the most popular sports in Ibiza throughout the year, the courts are always full and the game is played both by Ibiza holiday visitors as well as locals. Whereas tennis courts are in multitude but empty – here is your chance! I love tennis and the fact that I can play it both near-by or in a far away court makes this most accessible sport Ibiza has to offer. After walking, that is.

Water sports like diving, water-skis,kayaking, swimming are very popular, but can be done mostly during the summer time. The water does get cold in here, too. Then again, you can take a kayak already in March to enjoy your active holiday sport. As long as you are not falling in the sea. Keeping an eye on weather forecast is important for doing sport Ibiza out of season time. There are few pools you can use when the weather is not good enough to go outside.

I cannot NOT mention running, hiking and walking in Ibiza. There are variety of routes for training or more relaxed walks. The best time to take trips to Ibiza for sport is the winter time, especially right before or after, that is October-November, February-April. Then the weather is not too cold, not too rainy and not too sunny either.

You can join walking in Ibiza for one walk, on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis. If you have a group and need special sport Ibiza events for yourself or your team, group trainings or just to see the island, send an email with details to liisitoom(at), call +34 6161 232 81.

If you are interested in walking as a sport in Ibiza, I invite you for co-training:

Hikes to choose from during the week are Level
* 2×10+ km slow and fast training walk easy-medium, usually 1,5-3h
* 1×20+km walk for training walk medium-difficult, 2-7h
* 1×10-15km relaxing walk-sunbathing/culture/new places easy-relaxing and fun, 6h to one day, depending on the walk
* Privately organized walks for individuals, teams depending on your needs

NB! The time of the walks can change due to weather. Also, the closer to the summer, the earlier/later the training walks move.

(Personal) training in Ibiza

There are numerous personal training coaches, gyms and also outdoor gyms in Ibiza. You can choose to make your own plan, have your own coach or buy in a service from here. The sun and the weather along with good company can give you such a motivation to reach your goals in sports.

If your training plan needs a more difficult hiking tour suitable for training purposes, see my blog for routes in Ibiza I have taken.

What would be your sport Ibiza could offer?

Walk in Ibiza for training purposes
Walk in Ibiza for training purposes

The prices for walking for doing sport in Ibiza:

Ticket type How many walks included max Total cost
Day (one training walk)* 1 15,00 €
Week (up to three different walks) 3 33,00 € (price for one time  9 €
Organized group training walks /active holiday by order as agreed 72,00 € (price for one time 6  €
* every 5th walk for free.

Ask for personal offer: liisitoom (at), +34 6161 232 81 

If you need to rent quality sporting, walking clothes, we can sell and rent them out. After training, you need to relax, so go for a massage in Ibiza.