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I had heard a lot about the so called “Atlantis” located near Es Vedra, also commonly known as the most mystical place in Ibiza. Having visited Es Vedra and torre de Savinar some times, I never got to go to find and enjoy the Atlantis. A month ago I finally did it, here is what I found.

walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking route
Looking for the Atlantis route.

Atlantis of Ibiza: a showcase of past quarry

Yes, that’s what Atlantis really is. It is a site where, centuries ago, builders cut out stones to build homes, defensive towers and walls to protect the city. What is left is an interesting formations that look like there has been buildings that now have been abandoned and gone with time. It does make one wonder how on earth did they managed to do that heavy work back in the days and how the nature plays around the site so it looks mystical.

As far as I understand there should be several ways to get there, I got there by taking the path up,not to the watch platform for Es Vedra but left and up towards to the site where you can go up to the Torre des Savinar and the stone circles before that. Once you see the circles, look over the cliff and find a pathway going down. It is around 700 m and quite steep, ending with a sand dunes that makes you feel like you are in a desert. A desert that is bordered by Mediterranean sea and mountains. So don’t worry.

There are many paths leading down, just follow any that suits you and I am sure you will find a way down. On your way, you should see a little cave with graffiti and writings. Once you get down, you will see a larger area with stone piles on your left, a excavation site in front of you and everywhere little carvings, cairns, messages.

Getting up takes a bit of strength, the sand won’t make it easier, so take your time.

walking in Ibiza Atlantis
Walking down the sand dunes to Atlantis, Ibiza

walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis walking in Ibiza Atlantis

Map for walking to Atlantis, Ibiza

The whole walk is approximately 2 km long, steep, fairly good pathway, except for the sand dunes part. Plan around 1 h only for walking the route, plus time to take photos, picnic, meditate. The map will give you a vague understanding on where the route goes and is as to Es Vedra and Es Vedranell.

walking in Ibiza walking route map to Atlantis at Es Vedra, Ibiza

Find your special place to walk in Ibiza

For me it was a nice down and uphill short walk. I did not feel any magical emotions there, but a wonder on how the simple quarry has become a wondrous place thanks to the nature that is already magical. It remanded me a bit of Ses Salines coastline towards Torre de Ses Portes which has a great effect on me. That is the beauty of it: we all have our own special places! So you have to go and experience it for yourself to know.

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Walking lifestyle – keeping you fit, mentally and physically

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When in Ibiza, be sure to enjoy at least one walking route, it is worth it!