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#19 kayaking training: new tricks

Friday’s training:

– 10 km, 1,5h, few speedy parts.

– testing if I can decently get in the kayak and out the kayak from the shore. Learning how to use the paddle to support without ruining it.


It’s all good. I am ready for the competition. I figure it will be just making the distance and next year we will talk about beating some speed goals. But having said that, 40 minutes for 5 km sounds reasonable, better yet, 30 would be amazing. Of course, going in might take 5 minutes as there are around hundred boats. And I don’t know mine yet. Ahti from eastpole.ee should help me out here, maybe I get a lighter boat that runs faster then my current one.

Now it is two days of relaxing, followed by the “last week” with ong distance on Monday, technique on Tuesday, relaxing on Wednesday and Thursday, feeling the flow on Friday. Saturday – competition.


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