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A day like a Dream

It is not everyday that you start a day with a champagne (at least I do not ave it as a habit), but some days are worth this bubbly wake-up. 8th of March was one of those days. First of all, it was the womens’ day –so my and all the other girls’ day. So since I was staying overnight at my mothers’ we were served champagne and breakfast by Harri, my step-father. It was really something like „breakfast at Tiffany’s“ where you eat from china and cristal the finest delicacys available (ok, that is a bit overstatement, but Harri is nevertheless a good cook). I decided to give myself a presant and not use the computer the whole day and do only relaxing activities like read a book, make pictures of icepicks, polish my nails, etc., etc. And so I did.

After the breakfast I found a book by Osho, „Intuition“ amongst the picture albums my mother was about to go through and ended up reading almost half of the book. I really like Osho’s way of thinking and encouragement to let go of things that do not really help you through your life: like old habits, old and not really working points of view. The paragraohs I was reading talked about ego and how we often let the ego get the best of ourselves. I quote „Ego takes everything personally. Emotions and self protection come in front. What is there to protect? The truth? No, truth doesn’t need protection. You are protecting yourself, or actually an illusion of yourself, substitute created my your thoughts. Only through awareness it is possible to realize: this is the situation and this is the anger I feel about it.“ Ok. I could go on. The point is to be yourself, an old truth that I keep forgetting.
After reading Osho, the whole day started to pass like in a haze, kind of an open-eyed dream, where you don’t really live, but feel what is going on around you. There was a huge iceicle behind a window that had curled a bit after the weather had went warmer, it was amazing, well, it IS amazing what nature can do.

After arriving home I cleaned up the place, it seemed necessary to create even more space and order around me. I had to do some girly stuff, so I did my nails 😛 and went for a quick shoppin’n’chatting tour with my friend. It was highly productive  for both of us. I don’t know whether it was strange or not, that the shopping mall was kinda empty. Economy crisis? I must say, things are on sale these days, I am happy, that I do not have so much time to go shopping because of the workload. I would end up with loads of things I do not need. But I do think that during our economic situation, people should use more „services“. Go to the hairdressers, go to trainings, go out to eat (and smile to the waitresses) – it is a good way to make yourself feel better and support the economy at the same time. Then again, what do I know about economy?

So what did this day had to remember? Breakfast with champagne, the good feeling you get from being with family&friends, a new look on yourself and life in general (ideas from Osho) and satisfaction from the fact that your day mattered.

Some pictures, too.

A day like a Dream


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