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About broken hearts

We all have been there. We think and feel one thing and all of a sudden what we believed is not true anymore. It can hurt, it can come as “I know something like that would happen” and “this is the right thing to happen”.
In Steve Pavlina’s blog I found an entry where he tells about relationships (referring to his own experience in being divorced just lately). I like that quote especially:

A broken heart is the result of violated expectations. But in the area of human relationships, your expectations are vain attempts to predict and control the path of your heart.

So we try to control our lives in a way like it is (and we know it) never possible. Anyone read Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita? I think there they also stated very clearly how we, humans, believe we know so much and control our life whereas we actually do not know whether we die the next second and our plans are gone to waste.

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