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Someone told me that the nature does not like emptiness. I agree. The more open and “empty” your mind and expectations are, the more you actually get. My last week has been just amazingly crazy!

Thanks to an event that brought me back to reality I have had the most fantastic week. I have actually lived. I realized (again) how quickly I attach to people and things and I realized how good it feels to not be attached. And so I have practiced that the whole week and the result is that I have met so many friends&family, felt joy, caused joy, enjoyed myself. Camoon! My yesterdays party ended up with a person buying me and the crowd two Martini Asti’s and talking heart-to heart with the best friend of mine until sth like 7 o’clock in the morning!!! This has never happened to me (Asti’s).

It is just amazing to let go of things. Yes, it required some stubborness and self control, but it was and IS worth it.

I love myself, my life, my friends.

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