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Being an aunt is a cool position

I am an aunt for four little children -First of all my brother’s two kids: Ingeli and Joosep and then my friend Ingrid’s Carlota and Kairit’s Paul. Yes, you could say that we are not related, but so what? Ingrid and Kairit are almost as family, so are their kids.

Lately I have had the chance to be more with Paul/Kairit and also Ingeli. Unfortunately I have no pics with Carlota and me… and Joosep really doesn’t like to sit in my lap…

Some years ago with Ingeli (whose godmother I’ll be in just a week or so)

and when Ingeli was very-very-very little

This is how I get the kids to like me – I throw them up and fly them around

I hope to add pictures of Carlota and Joosep soon…

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